Tricks To Stop Eating Junk Food

12 Nov 2013

WHAT was going through your mind when you hear the word junk food? Nan savory fried chicken and bacon burger stack flanked thick bread ? The food was delicious , but it should be limited . How to limit matrix?

Junk food is often known as the unhealthy food ( garbage ). Junk food contains a large amount of fat, low in fiber, contain a lot of salt , sugar , fat , calories and additives , but low in nutrients , low in vitamins , minerals , fiber also .

A total of 10 food junk food according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) , including fried foods , canned foods , pickles , processed meat ( ham , sausage , etc. ) , food of fatty meats and offal , processed cheese , instant noodles , food grilled or baked , sweet dish frozen , dried and candied .

” The first rule when you want to eat junk food diet , then make realistic goals that you can do . Do not ever make your target will be to avoid them at all in a month . Satisfy desires , but still limit . Example , began to reduce to once a week , “said dietician and nutritionist Dr Ratna Dubey of Dubai , as reported by Onlymyhealth , Thursday ( 7/6 ) .

Ratna said the mistake a lot of people who are fasting junk food is completely avoid . So the desire to eat is unstoppable , they become more crazy .

” They think occasionally eat many types of junk food is not a big deal . Fact , the way it is not wise for his health , ” said Rachael .

Rather than inflict vengeance , Ratna advised to eat them in small prosi . ” If you want to eat french fries with fried chicken , please just in small portions , but eating snacks with fresh fruits . Fruits can make you feel full faster and eat junk food craving is so much less , ” he explained .

One other trick is also interesting coming from Richard Feinman , Ph.D. , a professor of biochemistry at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn , New York .

” If you have a snack craving lollipops approximately one hour after eating , or imagining tempting steak meat , there are other ways to handle it if you ‘re not in a state of real hunger . Usually , it is just the brain’s desire . Then , you can outsmart by drinking some glasses of water to take your mind off the craving , ” added Dr . Feinmann .

Dr. Feinmann also suggested other ways . ” Get rid of categorized types of junk food you really do not want to eat . If you go shopping , make sure in a state full stomach or have eaten . Doing so may make you find that you do not take a high-calorie biscuits and snacks such as fried foods are in the category of junk food , ” he concluded .

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