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5 Dec 2013

What do you think of when you wake up this morning ? If you are thinking of undergoing the normal and ordinary course , then it will happen to you . Conversely , when you think exceptional began waking up, then your day will be amazing .

The opinion was delivered by instructors PT Alkon Main Trainindo Sri Amin Stadium Generale Wahyudi in Technopreneurship at the Institute of Technology ( ITS ) Surabaya , recently. On that occasion , Amin tells of his experiences integrating the power of reason in his role as Technopreneurship .

” If you want to be extraordinary people , when you wake up do not just think mediocre ? Order to be able to do great things in the day , there must be gratitude spoken . Giving gratitude to stimulate the subconscious mind to be able to move optimally , “said Amin , as reported from ITS Online , Thursday ( 10/17/2013 )

Amin explained , to pioneer a journey to become a successful entrepreneur should pay attention ranging from small things . Therefore , everything that is done by the body is part of the sense of taste so that every activity undertaken must be done well .

He formulates , that success is the result of coherence between feelings , thoughts and volition . Feelings can help to be able to do something with caution .

” The mind is always positive will generate positive energy as well . Willingness to lead us on what we will do . Combined ones that can enhance the spirit of an entrepreneur , ” he added .

In front of the students , without a doubt Amin tells the story of his career , ranging from office boy , employees at PT . Freeport , until now an entrepreneur ever dilakoninya . ” The key is to communicate with the spirit and diligent himself , ” said the father of four sons.

Finally, he advised to achieve success if there are three main stance , namely prayer , how to excel , and a good way of collaboration . ” Never be afraid to fail . , But when the self feels fear has failed to start trying ! ” Amin closed .




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