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    Tricks To Stop Eating Junk Food

    WHAT was going through your mind when you hear the word junk food? Nan savory fried chicken and bacon burger stack flanked thick bread ? The food was delicious , but it should be limited . How to limit matrix? Junk food is often known as the unhealthy food ( garbage ). Junk food contains a large amount of fat, low in fiber, contain a lot of salt , sugar , fat , calories and additives , but low in nutrients , low in vitamins , minerals , fiber also . A total of 10 food junk food according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) , including fried foods , canned foods , pickles , processed meat ( ham , sausage , etc. ) , food of fatty meats and offal , processed cheese , instant noodles , food grilled or baked , sweet dish frozen , dried and candied . ” The first rule when you want


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